Nicolò Francesco Bernardi

Founder & facilitator

Nicolò is a professional coach with a background spanning cognitive neuroscience, human potential in organizations, and mindfulness based stress reduction. Enthusiast about experiential learning and keenly aware of the systemic nature of the challenges we face, he has taken a Masters degree in Psychology, a second degree in Organizational Development, a doctorate in Neuroscience, has trained in the u.lab method at the MIT-based Presencing Institute and refined his design and facilitation skills with the Danish Kaospilot approach. Lover of creative and performing arts, he delights in the company of others sharing his violin playing and all sorts of improv theatre acts.

He brings a look into the depth of human beings that is practical, scientifically sound and at the same time authentic, creative and compassionate. For over 12 years he has combined research on the mind-body with the application of such research in training and facilitation, having mindfulness, design thinking and sustainable leadership as pillars.

With rigour and humour, Nicolò helps individuals and teams sharpen their ability to see things as they really are, connect with their highest future potential and take action.

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